South Miles- Western Downs

 A 5MWh facility is currently being designed to supply energy for a new housing development in the South Miles- Western Downs. PPA negotiations are currently underway and this facility has the ability to take this community ‘off the grid’ for their energy supply.


Bushrock Solar farm is in the early stages of development but has planning and approvals completed. This 10 MWh facility on the eastern fringe of Miles has the capacity to power up to 10,000 homes. 

Blue Sky Solar Developments is also looking at the option to add an energy storage facility at this site to ensure the highest yield of energy output.

We have multiple projects developed and underway. As you can understand clients are sometimes after their projects to be completed with discretion.

We appreciate that and are happy to proceed with their requests. If you are after further information on our developments please don’t hesitate to get in touch.